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dsd_fsx_xml_sound, v5.2.0, August 26, 2014
A gauge which plays sounds based on commands received from XML gauges. This gauge will allow XML gauge programmers to add sounds to their FS9 and FSX projects. It does presume a fair degree of XML knowledge, and is not for beginners.

dsd_sound_configuration, v1.0, May 1, 2012
Use this utility to set the DirectSound devices which will be used to play sounds from gauges or other modules based on my sound libraries or gauges released after June 1, 2011.  By default, these sounds will be played using the Windows default sound and default voice devices.

dsd_xml_config, v2.3.0, August 24, 2013
A gauge to load and store values between sessions using XML L:Variables.

dsd_fuel_dump, v3.1.0,  FS9_version_source_code, FSX_source_code,  July 14, 2012
Two gauges to allow XML gauge programmers to implement customized fuel dump and load procedures. One uses FSUIPC and will work in both FS9 and FSX. The other uses the FSX SP2 version of SimConnect and does not require FSUIPC. Operation is much simplified from previous versions of this gauge. Freeware., v1.0, October 20, 2013
This a module to allow XML gauges to utilize two or more interfaces into the GPS system.  This will allow you to utilize two or more Nearest Airport searches; query two or more airports using the WaypointAirport variable group; that kind of thing  Public domain.

traffic_radar, v2.0.1
This is a repackaging of Arne Bartels original traffic radar module. The original was coded for FS9 and did not work in FSX. I have re-arranged Arne's code to allow the module to load and work in FSX. The enclosed module and related source code are placed in the public domain.

dsd_gps, v1.2.0
A GPS gauge for casual fliers. Provides a good deal of information while utilizing a minimum of screen real estate. Not designed to replicate any real instrument. Should work in FS9, although not heavily tested in that sim. Freeware.

xml_vars, v1.1.0

A debugging gauge for xml programmers.  It will display active L:Variable values, twenty at a time.  Click on the face of the gauge to scroll through all active variables.

string_storage, v2.0.1

An FS9/FSX module that will allow an XML programmer to store and retrieve strings during an FS session.  Can also be used to store and retrieve data from arrays of numbers.  The module also includes a C/C++ interface, to allow C programmers access to the same data.

event_logger, v2.1.2

This is version 2 of a diagnostic gauge, targeted primarily at gauge and panel authors. It writes all Key_Events issued in FSX or FS9 to a log file, thus allowing the detection of repeating Key_Events which interfere with normal panel operation. It will not identify the gauge issuing the repeating Key_Events, but by identifying the Key_Events themselves, it should make the gauge issuing them somewhat easier to locate. If you have a panel which does not allow the selection of a second engine or exit, or which exhibits improper autopilot operation, this gauge may help you discover why. Updates include a displayed count of the number of Key_Events issued by the sim, along with a tooltip display of the most recently issued Key_Event. Code signed for use in FSX.

view_status_gauge, v1.0.0, September 1, 2012

A gauge to provide the current view system status (2D, VC, spot, etc) to XML gauges.

PAD DHC8 engine gauges, September 22, 2013.  A minor rework of the engine gauges for the PAD DHC8.  Fixed the non-linearity tables so the needles reported the correct values.

battery_charger, v1.1.0, April 20, 2012

A gauge for FSX SP2 or later.  Uses SimConnect to simulate the charging of the aircraft’s battery.  You may find this useful if you spend long time periods on the ground with engines shut off.  Gauge can be controlled with XML code if desired.

fsx_turbo_charger, v2.0.0

A gauge, for FSX SP2 or later, to allow the xml gauge programmer to control emergency boost on a per engine basis.  It additionally allows the programmer to overcome the hard coded time limit placed on emergency boost.

window_status, v1.2.1

This gauge will report the visibility status of panel windows.  Useful for keeping a particular window open or closed.

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